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If you’re looking for a career that allows you to help other people, Orthodontic Assisting is an excellent choice. Patients come to an orthodontist looking to straighten their teeth – and improve their smile – because they feel embarrassed by their teeth. With your help, they can get that Smile Makeover they have always wanted.

Teens and adults can benefit from the multiple types of braces available today. The braces work much faster than ever before – and they are barely visible. In some cases, they are actually hidden behind the teeth. All these options can improve the crowded teeth and dental problems that lead to social anxiety.

Often, in just a few months, patients can see a dramatic change in their crooked teeth. It’s very exciting to help patients through the steps that lead to this transformation. They gain so much self-confidence!

bright prospects as a ortho assistant

The Bright Prospects You Deserve

In your training, you will learn about all the orthodontic treatments. You will also learn vital skills to ensure you’re an asset in every orthodontic clinic. We will help you every step of the way, preparing you to contribute greatly in every position you accept. We’ll help make sure you’re the one chosen one, for that dream job!

Plus, you’ll enjoy having a salary that provides the compensation you deserve. Your family will benefit from your long-term career choice, as you gain greater financial stability. The prospects are bright for excellent job placement as the dental industry is flourishing.

As an Orthodontic Assistant, you will be a key member of the team working closely with patients. You’ll be there when they start the treatment – and when they walk away grinning, pleased when they look in the mirror at that beautiful smile. That’s the joy of being an Orthodontic Assistant, seeing that transformation throughout your career.

Master Academy of Orthodontic Assistants

The Master Academy of Orthodontic Assistants offers a real-world experience that gives students an edge in today’s employment process. Our graduates radiate confidence because they have worked side-by-side with an orthodontist, treating real patients. You won’t find this type of program anywhere else.

An Award-winning Curriculum

Our curriculum has been utilized at major public colleges and universities in their dental programs and is Accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). You will learn the necessary skills and information needed to become one of the best orthodontic assistants in the state! You won’t waste your time with 9 months of classwork and no real patient experience.

True Hands-on Training

Some schools say “hands-on” but what does that really mean? “Hands-on” mannequin labs? “Hands-on” textbook reading, or mock dental treatment rooms?

Don’t be misled by other schools claiming to offer students a first-hand education when they don’t! Every one of our students will assist a licensed orthodontist one-on-one in numerous kinds of orthodontic dental procedures on real patients – not plastic mannequins. Clinical practice is performed on other students and real patients to enhance the learning experience. We believe this is the best way to learn rather than training on a mannequin or simply reading a textbook. You can be shadowing a licensed orthodontist during in-clinic procedures in our high-volume clinic as early as your first week! Now that’s hands-on!

Outstanding Staff & Faculty

All our instructors are experienced and highly qualified orthodontists, orthodontic assistants, and treatment coordinators, and are working work full-time in orthodontics. This ensures our students receive the training, skills, and specific knowledge that can only be gained through years of working in the field. Other schools’ instructors may be adjunct (part-time, contracted) or full-time faculty that have been out of the industry so long their information is outdated. Our staff will make sure you have the most updated training required to be the best.

At Master Academy of Orthodontic Assistants, you will:

  • Learn the approaches orthodontists utilize to treat malocclusion and correct misaligned teeth. Some treatments are strictly for cosmetic purposes, to improve the smile. More complicated procedures are used to correct malformed jaws.
  • Learn the process involved in fitting patients for orthodontic treatments.
  • Learn to produce excellent clinical photography for dentistry and orthodontics using a digital camera.
  • Learn about orthodontic dental instruments, tray setups, the dental chair, and accessory dental units.
  • Become certified by the Dental Assistant National Board (DANB) – all paid for by the Master Academy of Orthodontic Assistants.

There’s much more! Take a few minutes to review the complete award-winning curriculum on this website.

Our Students Graduate With Real-world Experience

When you graduate – in 9 weeks – you will already have worked in a real dental clinic, with a real practicing orthodontist, treating real patients. That real-world experience will speak volumes to your future employers. You’ll be able to step right into the role of Orthodontist Assistant, with a confidence born from clinical experience with top orthodontists.

This is an invaluable experience you CAN’T get anywhere else. We pride ourselves on providing this unique benefit to our students. This will give you the best start in your satisfying career as an Orthodontic Assistant in the rapidly growing dental industry. When you make a commitment to becoming an Orthodontic Assistant, you’ll take an important positive step toward a healthy, satisfying future.

Whenever You Need Us, We Are Happy To Advise You.

Our highly-regarded teachers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Your dreams are our dreams. We will help you navigate the placement process to give you the very best start on your new career path.

Let’s get started!

Our Teachers & Facilities

Dr. Carlos Caballero

Dr. Carlos Caballero, DDS, MS

School Director

Dr. Caballero is a board eligible Orthodontist who offers patients two decades of smile transformation experience and expertise. His specialized dental education includes degrees from Boston University, the University of Minnesota, and Case Western Reserve University. Prior to founding Master Orthodontics and Master Academy of Orthodontic Assistants, Dr. Caballero served as an orthodontist in Texas and the greater Seattle area.

Dr. Caballero holds memberships in the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, the Hispanic Dental Association, the Washington State Dental Association, and the Washington State Society of Orthodontists.

He is a noted and published orthodontic specialist and has been recognized as a leader in his field. As a clinician, he is an Invisalign® VIP provider, placing him among the top 1% of providers worldwide. Dr. Caballero’s specialized orthodontic expertise offers children, teens, and adults an exceptional experience on the way to a beautifully straight smile.

He and his wife chose to live in this area because they believe it’s a great place to raise their children. They have fallen in love with the people and the local communities.

You can visit Dr. Caballero's Orthodontic practice website at:

Dr. Carlos Caballero

Resa Werdall

Admissions Representative

Tresa has been in management for over 24 years, with over 17 years in dental management. She is thoroughly trained in all aspects of human resources including payroll, merit reviews, hiring and termination. In addition, she performs accounts payable & receivable (including insurance billing/Medicaid billing), WISHA ( Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act), and execution of all written plans of accident prevention, blood borne pathogens, hazard communication, infection control, and infectious waste management.

She also manages and educates about internal and external marketing, case presentation, referrals and dentist communications. Tresa orchestrates all patient and family appreciation events and vendor promotions, coordinates numerous community charity events, including food drives and fundraisers. She has been highly targeted and recruited to every company she has ever worked for.

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